You were looking forward to it or have you just known it? After several months of hard work, Weesense a french brand, is ready to energize the world of connected and innovative objects by offering different ranges of connected objects, carefully chosen, tested and selected by the passionate team of Weesense!

You are our inspiration!

The idea of creating Weesense was born after realizing the impact of connected objects on our lives which, in recent years, have facilitated and innovated the way we move, lodge, work, play sports, create and, above all, the way we have fun!

It is by inspiring ourselves in today’s increasingly mobile and connected lifestyles that we have witness how this promising technological evolution is progressing and will continue to progress.

Our mission is to offer you quality products at affordable prices and that will allow you to better optimize your daily performances. We choose with expertise connected objects that integrate easily into your daily life to enable you to live your passions and achieve your goals, whether they are sportive, personal or professional.

Among our ranges of products you will be easily seduced by our connected watches and multisport activity bracelets that offer you an accurate follow-up of your daily prowess. Our drones and virtual reality helmets will help you capture and live again your best moments. You are looking for a perfect mobility, everywhere, while remaining dynamic? You will also be charmed by our electric scooters and all-terrain, fully secured, hoverboards.

By conciliating technology, innovation and design, Weesense adapts to your different desires and needs while providing you with advanced models of connected and innovative objects. Easy to use and to use, these products are all paired with ergonomic applications available on smartphones and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

A shared passion

The Weesense team is very proud to present you its new brand! From left to right :

Lucile Vabre, radiant and energetic, ensures the realization and implementation of actions or events, contributes to the writing and organization of communication on several medias and ensure good relations with internal or external partners.

Ambitious and creative, Manon Barnett is in charge of Weesense’s marketing and sales actions while ensuring the communication of the young and effective vision of a brand that is expanding and showing great promise.

In the center of the photo above, Ulrich Mezui, entrepreneur and dynamic director of the company, manages on all fronts to ensure the success and sustainability of Weesense, brand of the French startup Cellys.

Determined and meticulous, Mathieu Alrivie, also in the center, is the logistics manager of the company. Particularly responsive to meet deadlines, its goal is to provide customers with the best services.

Eric Rigollet, versatile and always optimistic, is never short of ideas to find axes of development for Weesense’s strategy. His strength of proposal is a considerable asset in the team.

On the far right, smiling, motivated and listening, Laetitia Boukoulou is the sales administrator of the startup. She is in charge of managing the administrative aspect of the sales cycle in order to obtain complete customer satisfaction.

Our ambitions for the future

We want to make Weesense a reference in the field of connected objects by positioning us as stimulator of technological development and creativity. To ensure the best performance of our products, we will constantly be looking for technological innovation to strengthen the leadership of our products and services.

Now that you know everything about Weesense, its project and its team, come and discover our products!